Digital Library – Parenting and Early Literacy

Find activities and books for the youngest members of the family. We also have online resources for parents to help with all the ins and outs of the under 5s! You can discover and register for in person programs, join reading programs and find new picture books and activities to share. 

Rockabye Reader is our weekly lap-sit time for our youngest readers. Bring your child in for a fun storytime with songs, books, games, and shared play.

Books4Fun is our weekly pre-k storytime for children 3-5. Bring your child in for a storytime with songs, books, games, and shared play. They’ll never notice the early literacy skills we sprinkle in as we all have fun!

1000 Books Before Kindergarten is a year-round reading program for children who haven’t begun school. Studies show that one of the most important things we can do to get children ready to read is to expose them to a wide variety of words. Picture books are written especially to introduce words we might not use in every day language, so reading picture books to kids every day ensures that they begin formal reading instruction already familiar with hundreds of words. Re-reading books is encouraged as well to help children learn prediction and sequencing. They get a new bookmark for every 100 books they read, and at the end we add a book to our collection commemorating their achievement!

Songs, discussion topics, book ideas and more to make every day a learning day!

Link to Rockabye Reader

Dial-a-Story 1-833-690-0646

A new story is available every Wednesday in both English and Spanish. Call 1-833-690-0646 to listen.

Reach Out and Read

Reach Out and Read envisions a world where every child has the relationships essential to learn and thrive. We aim to strengthen all families with young children through guidance from medical clinicians about nurturing relationships through shared reading.

Talking Is Teaching

Talking is Teaching knows that the more conversations you have with your young children, the more successful they will be at lifelong learning. They offer videos, curriculum, tips and more to make the time you spend playing with and nurturing your child as fun as it can be.