Digital Library

Link to resources for K-5 students

Parenting and Early Literacy

Find activities and books for the youngest members of the family. We also have online resources for parents to help with all the ins and outs of the under 5s! You can watch online story times from BPLS staff, or discover and register for in person programs, join reading programs and find new picture books to share. 

Link to resources for K-5 students

Kindergarten through 5th Grade

“Mom! I have a report due but forgot my library book!” Never fear, online books are here, as well as tons of other research sites that will make homework a breeze! We also have online resources like homework help, digital books, recommendations by grade level, reading programs with activities and prizes, and more.

Link to resources for Middle and High School students

Middle and High School

We’ve collected links to fun stuff, school stuff, and college stuff. Find digital resources, reading recommendations, leadership opportunities, and special programs for teens and tweens. There are resources for higher education whether you plan on 2 or 4 year college, certifications, or apprenticeships. Call or come to the library if you need more help.

Link to resources for K-5 students


Don’t spend time Googling when you can directly link to the information you need. We’ve got government links, legal information, job search and training, health information, adult education, geneaology and general research. Plus we’ve got foreign languages, and downloadable books, movies, TV shows, and magazines!