Mission and Vision

Mission Statement
The Bedford Public Library System provides equal access to library materials, information, and services relevant to the community for the purposes of learning and enjoyment in the areas of personal, professional, and educational needs. To fulfill its mission, the library system employs a knowledgeable staff committed to excellent public service.
Vision Statement
The Bedford Public Library System will:

  • continue to serve the community by offering a broad range of services designed to foster the love of reading
  • be the essential contact for all Bedford County residents, agencies and businesses in need of information
  • serve as a gateway to a dynamic global network of information resources
  • strive to locate and deliver information and resources efficiently, accurately and in a format requested by our customers
  • provide excellent customer service by a trained and committed staff
Long Range Plan

Goal #1 The Library will be a safe, neutral, welcoming space where community members come together to interact, to address community issues, to pursue lifelong learning, and for recreational purposes.


1. All locations will be analyzed on a continual basis for space allocations that meet community needs.

a. Increase space at the Forest Library.

b. Remodel the unfinished space in Bedford Central Library.

c. Add lighted signage at each location visible from the street.

d. Improve green space at each library.

e. Request turn out/ deceleration lanes for library entrances at Forest and Moneta.

f. Improve parking at Big Island and Bedford Central Library.

g. Install a drive by book drop at Central with overhang extension.

2. Policy manual will be reviewed on alternate years starting in 2016.

3. The attendance for Library programs, at all locations, will increase by 5%.

4. The number of people visiting the Library will increase by 7%.

Goal #2 The Library will heighten its visibility in the community and facilitate access to its services.


1. Use advertising and other means to increase community awareness of services and facilities.

a. Advertise in area newspapers at least quarterly.
b. Multi media advertising at least once a year.
c. Advertise in social and online media at least quarterly.
2. Increase hours at all locations as the budget allows.

3. Redesign the Library’s website to increase ease of navigation and enhance online services.

4. Actively seek partnerships with community organizations who share a similar mission.

Goal #3 The Library will utilize current technology in its operations to enhance public service and staff efficiencies.


1. Increase online services by 5%.

2. Implement RFID technology at Stewartsville, Montvale, Big Island Libraries.

3. Increase bandwidth at all libraries as budget allows.

4. Install mini self-service branches in underserved areas of Bedford county.

5. Look for opportunities to make the online catalog more user friendly.

6. Tech Authorities will evaluate new library technologies on a continuing basis.

Goal #4 The Library provides timely access to materials, in relevant formats, that meet the community’s interests in educational and recreational reading, listening, viewing and participatory experiences.


1. Popular materials will be available to the public within a timely manner.

2. Increase number of eMaterials available to patrons through their library membership.

3. Develop nontraditional collections such as STEM materials in areas relevant to library mission.

Goal #5 The Library is committed to professionalism in all areas of service.


1. The Library will prioritize professional development opportunities for staff.

a. At least two professional staff will attend a National Library Conference per year.

b. Professional staff will be encouraged to attend the VLA Annual Conference as the budget allows.

c. Paraprofessional staff will be encouraged to attend the VLA Annual Paraprofessional Conference as the budget allows.

d. Every year, each employee will be given time to attend at least one training in addition to staff day.

2. Staff will be familiar and knowledgeable about the library mission and vision statement.

Goal#6 The Library is committed to a professional work environment and providing a comparable wage and salary to all staff.

1. The library system will be analyzed on a continuing basis for staffing levels that meet community and library needs.

2. Staff wages/ salaries will rise by at least 1% per year as budget allows.

3. Library pay scale will be reviewed annually and compared to regional averages.

4. Personnel policy manual will be reviewed alternate years.