Elementary Kid Links


Alice Aspinall Everyone Can Learn Math Recorded
Atlantic White Shark Conservatory Shark Story Time Live M-F 10am ET
Grace Lin Read and Draw with the author Ongoing
Jerry Pallotta Read Alouds Ongoing
Peter H Reynolds The Dot, Ish, Be You & More Live each day, time TBA
Mo Willems Lunch Doodles with Mo Live M-F 1pm ET
Mac Barnett Mac’s Book Club Show Anytime, posted to Instagram
Audible audiobooks online anytime
KidLit TV
Tumblebooks K-6 Password: books E-books
Tumblemath K-6 Password: A3b5c6 Math E-books
Audio Book Cloud Password: A3b5c6 E-Audio books for all ages
Scratch Coding
Hour of Code
Fun Brain
Go Noodle
Highlights Kids
Lonely Planet Activities
Mystery Science
Nat Geo for Kids
PBS Kids
Star Fall
Time for Kids

Live Streams and Virtual Tours

Metropolitan Opera
National Park Tours
Virginia Zoo
Museum Virtual Tours
French Museum Virtual Tours