Overlapping images of the Cumberland River and the Blue Ridge Mountains in Kentucky, a banjo, and a cherry pie.The Winter Read for the BPLS focuses on the Appalachian people and their struggles as well as their victories, during the Great Depression.  The adult book is set in Kentucky where the Works Progress Administration (WPA) program hired packhorse librarians to bring hope to the dark hollows with their scheduled deliveries of books, magazines, and news of the outside world.  Despite extreme poverty, these secluded communities found time to socialize through church events and music-making.  The Pie Bake Dance in The Book Woman of Troublesome Creek was an occasion to do some eating and dancing.  It could have been a way to raise money for some special project or the jumping-off place for a young man and woman to start courting.  A lovestruck youth might bid on the pie of his sweetheart (secretly revealed to him through a whisper) so they could share it together.  

For our take on a Pie Bake Dance, we will have live “mountain” bluegrass music performed by the Overstreet Boys (Tony, Robert, and Dale).  There will be no bidding on pies, but the Friends of the Big Island Library will be providing many for attendees to sample. The merriment begins at 6 PM so come ready to listen, clap, and move to the music!
Sponsored by the Friends of the Big Island Library.

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