Paintings by Judith Lochbrunner 
December 2, 2019 – January 30, 2020

Painter Judith Lochbrunner of Stone Coal Studio is no stranger to moving.  She has lived in several states around the U. S.  These relocations demanded creativity and flexibility in her pursuit of her art.  However, she was able to appreciate many different communities’ art opportunities.  She enrolled in college art courses in Texas, studied art at a center in Vermont, and attended classes and workshops with private teachers in Massachusetts. 
Judy is now firmly rooted in the mountains of western Virginia.  She has created and currently maintains several perennial and “pleasure” gardens as well as a large vegetable garden.  These gardens surround her home studio in Botetourt County.  They have had an increasing influence on her art.  A new-found love of plein air (outdoor) painting has combined her love of the outdoors with her love of painting. She truly appreciates that the landscape changes in beautiful ways each day to create endless artistic inspiration.  Inspiration starts in the gardens and continues to the views framed by those spaces.  “Not your average garden” continues to be a theme woven through all her art pieces.
Her art pieces have been created in many different media.  Judy has focused at times on oil painting, printmaking, hand-built sculptures, watercolor, and finally back to her first love: water media. While it was not exactly the casein which she used as a teenager, she returned to water media by way of acrylics soon after arriving in Virginia.  Whatever the media, she says her art expresses that “something” whether it is unexpected, exciting, or even amusing, but it is certainly never bland or ordinary.

Pottery by Andre Namenek
November 2nd through December 28th

Andre, a full-time potter since 1983, welcomes change. For the past few years, he has been producing wood-fired functional stoneware. He has produced pieces that bring beauty to the utilitarian. However, he has recently been drawn back to the ancient process of pit firing and to creating more individual and non-functional forms. His new pieces spend many hours in the pit surrounded by burning wood and sawdust. When finished, he examines the pieces for the effects the fire has on the clay. He combines fire and clay in a way that produces myriad earth tones with pops of burnt red and charcoal black. Investigating the elements of control and chance within the creative process both excites and motivates Andre. His pit-fired pieces have been shipped to galleries as far west as San Francisco and as far east as Italy.

The MOarts gallery is located in the Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake Library located at 
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Please call (540) 425-7004 for hours and directions.

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