Subject: Lost & Found Items Approved: 03/09/04, amended 08/20/08
Category: Buildings & Grounds Supercedes: Section 2-3


Items that are lost in the library or on library grounds will be kept in a designated lost and found area for a period of thirty (30) days.


Items that are in good repair and considered worth saving.


To provide a means to hold lost items in order to return them to their rightful owner.


Found items will be logged into a lost and found notebook or binder along with a description of the item and the date that it was found.  Contact attempt dates, times and whether successful will be noted.  The date that the item is picked up or disposed of will also be noted.

A note with the date found will also be attached to the item.

Each Branch Manager or Department Head will designate a specific location where found items will be kept. If the general location cannot be secured, a separate locked location will be designated for cash, any items containing cash and any items deemed to be worth over $100.

If an item contains identification, the owner will be notified by telephone or email as soon as possible. Library lost and found procedures will be explained to the owner.  When contact is attempted by telephone, staff may leave a message when the owner is not available.  Staff will make three attempts to contact the owner.  Whether the owner is contacted or not, the item will be disposed of according to the following procedures when not claimed after 30 days. 

When the owner’s name is known, unless staff knows the owner by sight, the person picking up the item will be required to show identification.  If the owner’s name is not known, the person picking up the item will be required to describe the item.

All items will be retained for 30 days.

At the end of 30 days all items will be disposed of as follows:

  1. Cash will be considered a donation to the library
  2. ID cards, credit cards, bills, and any other paper containing personal information will be shredded or cut up.
  3. Keys will be separated and each thrown into a different closed trash receptacle.
  4. All other paper will be recycled.
  5. Glasses will be donated to the Lions Club.
  6. Other items with any value will be donated to a nonprofit organization such as Goodwill or The Disabled American Veterans.
  7. Items with no value will be put in the trash.