Subject: Exhibits Policy Approved: 11/18/03
Category: Buildings & Grounds Supercedes: Art Exhibition Policy section 2-8


Some Bedford Public Library System (BPLS) libraries have space available for exhibits or for the exhibition of artwork.  That location may contact organizations, individuals or artists for displays.  Likewise, interested organizations, individuals, or artists may contact the library manager where they wish an exhibition to be displayed.  

BPLS reserves the right to reject any or all items presented for display.  The materials of the exhibits must meet what is generally known as a “standard acceptable to the community.”  Displayed items may not be acceptable if they depict extreme violence, sex, or if they are racially, religiously, ethically, or sexually biased or negative in content.  Standards for display items are stricter than standards for library books and other documents because everyone, including children, sees display items.  Standards are stricter than they are for a museum because art in libraries is a secondary function, not the library’s cultural responsibility.

BPLS cannot assume any responsibility for damaged or lost articles.  The organization, individual, or artist responsible for the exhibit should arrange insurance coverage with an outside insurance company if so desired