Subject: Circulation - Loan Periods, Renewals, Fines, Fees, Interlibrary Loan, Registration Last Updated:  10/1/2013
Effective Date: 10/1/2013
Category: Circulation and Information Service Policies Supercedes: 1/08/13


The Bedford Public Library System protects each library user's right to privacy and confidentiality with respect to information sought or received and resources consulted, borrowed, acquired or transmitted.

Residents of Bedford County who have obtained a library card may borrow Bedford Public Library System (BPLS) materials; e-readers are available for loan to adult BPLS patrons. Non-residents may be issued a library card based on reciprocal fees charged by the library located within their area of residence. The materials are checked out for specific loan periods and may be returned to any library within the system. Library materials may be renewed for an additional loan period if not reserved for another patron. 
Materials not returned by the due date are subject to a fine charge of ten (10) cents per day per item and one (1) dollar per day for e-readers. The maximum fine for overdue materials is ten (10) dollars per item and five (5) dollars per magazine. A five (5) dollar fine will be charged if an item marked “do not return in book drop” is returned in the book drop.

Items not available in the BPLS collection may be available through interlibrary loan from another library. Applicable postage or borrower’s fees will be charged to the patron and must be paid when the patron picks up the book. Fines for interlibrary loan items are one (1) dollar per day per item, with maximum fine of forty (40) dollars.

Records of patrons, who owe five (5) dollars or more in fines and/or have received a second overdue notice, may be sent to the Virginia State Tax Set-Off Debt program for collection through state tax refunds or lottery winnings. Library Administration may refer patrons to a collection agency if their account reaches a predetermined, significant amount.

Library patrons will temporarily lose their borrowing privileges if a second notice for overdue materials has been issued or if an overdue fine or damage fee of at least five (5) dollars has accumulated. If a library patron under the age of 18 temporarily loses their borrowing privileges as a result of overdue materials or accumulated fines in excess of five (5) dollars, the responsible party who signed the registration card on behalf of the minor will also lose their borrowing privileges. Borrowing privileges will be restored when materials are returned and/or fines and fees paid.


All library users


To provide the citizens of Bedford County with educational, recreational, and informational materials.


Intentionally trying to remove library materials from the building is defined as concealing materials under clothing, in pockets, brief cases, purses or bags, or defacing materials in an attempt to remove them from the library.