Bedford Public Library System Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Bedford Central Library
September 9, 2014

Board members present:Mary Jo Krufka, Lib Walker, Penny Carter, Jan Markham, Roger Henderson and Jim Messier.

Others attending:Jenny Novalis, Library Director

Mary Jo called the meeting to order at 6:02pm.

Approval of minutes: Mary Jo asked for a motion to approve the previous minutes. Penny motioned to approve the last meeting minutes. Roger seconded, all agreed.

Director's Report:

Financial Report:Jenny reviewed the café revenues and expenses from the last full fiscal year (2014), noting that for the first time all three cafes had made a profit. Jenny drew attention to the unrestricted account report and reviewed the annual income statements for the previous FY (2014). The Foundation made less money in FY14 and spent less money. Overall the Foundation had a net loss of $767.71 for the year. However, there were some expenses from the unrestricted account that are unlikely to be repeated for awhile. The unusual expenses included new envelopes, new brochures, and the initial USB purchase. Jenny talked briefly about the possibility of state budget reductions and the Board discussed possible fundraising activities if more money is needed for the Library System.

New Business:

Jenny stated that upon further consideration the Parks and Rec department was not interested in a café at their Falling Creek Park complex. 

The Board talked possible replacements for Kim McCabe’s seat on the Foundation Board but, no decision was reached.  Jenny suggested they continue to think of a candidate and the Board can discuss it at their next meeting in March 2015.

Next Meeting: March 2015

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