Bedford Public Library System Foundation
Board of Directors Meeting Minutes
Bedford Central Library
November 2, 2010

Board members present: Penny Carter, Mary Jo Krufka, and Lib Walker

Others attending: Peggy Bias, Ashley Dorcsis

Lib called the meeting to order at 6:16pm.

Lib asked for a motion to approve the minutes from the May 4, 2010 meeting. Mary Jo motioned, all agreed.

Director's Report:
Library Cafes:
Bedford and Forest Library Cafes showed a profit at the end of fiscal year 2010 of $546 and $602 respectively. Upon renewal of the Foundation’s sales tax exemption certificate, it was determined that the Foundation does not have to remit sales tax on items sold through the cafes; this should result in additional overall profit of approximately $200 per fiscal year. Peggy suggested that due to the success of the Bedford and Forest cafes, it might be a good idea to open another café at the Moneta Library. Penny stated that if the Moneta Library was ready for the addition of a café, she supported the idea.

USDA Grant Request:
The Bedford Public Library System Foundation has applied for a USDA Rural Development grant for $57,920. The grant request is to provide RFID self-checkout at the Bedford Central Library in order to allow librarians more time to assist the public with computer; the computers are often used for job applications and e-government tasks.

Financial Report:
Bedford Public Library Foundation:
Fiscal year 2010 net income was $2,930.96. This approximately offsets the current year-to-date net loss of $2,726.54. Ashley stated that the balancing effect was due to Summer Reading Program donations received in fiscal year 2010, but expended in fiscal year 2011. Total Foundation funds equal $30,297.32. Of this amount, $15,504.42 is invested in a CD at Carter Bank and Trust. As a result, $15,422.90 is available for spending.

Bedford Central Cafe:
Year-to-date net income is $48.13. A new refrigerator was purchased to store excess drinks. Originally, these drinks were being kept in the meeting room refrigerator and did not leave any space for meeting room users to store their food items. The new refrigerator resulted in a one-time expense of $139.98.

Forest Cafe:
Year-to-date net income is $40.57.

No new business.

Next Meeting:
To be announced.

Lib asked for a motion to adjourn. Penny motioned, Mary Jo seconded, all agreed.

The meeting adjourned at 6:36pm.

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