This is the third session in our 12-month Money Smart financial literacy series at the Big Island Library presented by Woodforest Bank*.  This month’s topic is called Check It Out.  By the end of this course, participants will understand how to use a checking account responsibly. To achieve this objective, the participants will be able to:

  • State the benefits of using a checking account.
  • Determine which checking account is best for them.
  • Identify the steps involved in opening a checking account.
  • Add and withdraw money from a checking account.
  • Reconcile a check register with a bank statement.
  • Identify strategies to avoid overdrawing their account.
  • Explain how debit cards are linked to checking accounts.
  • Recognize how to manage a checking account wisely, with proper debit card use and overdraft programs.

*You do not have to have an account with Woodforest Bank to attend these financial literacy seminars they are open to all adults.  Attend any sessions you want.  For more information contact us at 540-425-7000.

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