Painting of a Virginia Creeper Sphinx moth by Deborah Davis.
Moth Paintings by Deborah Davis

August 4th-August 31st
At the MOarts Gallery

For Deborah Davis, artistic inspiration appears on wings, fluttering by the porch lights in summer. With names like Virginia Creeper Sphinx, Arched Hooktip, and Eastern Buck, the moths that are featured in Davis’ paintings are strange, ethereal creatures, and yet they are often ignored as they circle the lights on front porches in the South.  Using bright lights in her own backyard outside Charlottesville, Virginia, Davis lures moths from the surrounding forests and she gently captures them for one evening, photographs them, and then releases them unharmed. She uses the photos, enlarged by her camera and computer, to view subtle features of the moth.  Painting the image in acrylics on a 30” x 40” canvas magnifies the color and detail of each characteristic. This results in surprisingly lovely images of the nocturnal insect.  For more details about this exhibit please contact the Moneta/SML Library at 540-425-7004.
The MOarts Gallery is located in the Moneta/ Smith Mountain Lake Library located at
13641 Moneta Road, Moneta, VA 24121.
The gallery is open during library hours, available here:


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