A pile of money with the words Learn How To Be Money $mart in 2018.

When it comes to financial information, just as with money, it’s better to have more of it than less of it.  That’s why the Bedford Public Library System is partnering with Woodforest Bank to give tips and advice on financial literacy.  We will give you the abundance of information you need to make informed decisions about your money and have the peace of mind that brings.  Come learn to bank with the best at your library!  Different topics will be presented each month, and you may attend any class you find interesting or helpful. The classes are open to everyone, regardless of whether you have an account with Woodforest Bank or not.  

To Your Credit
By the end of this course, participants will understand how to read a credit report and how to build and repair their credit history.  To achieve this objective, the participants will be able to:

– Define credit and explain why it is important.
– Describe the purpose of a credit report and how it is used.
– Order a copy of their credit report.
– Read and analyze their credit report to determine if they are ready to apply for credit.
– Differentiate between “good” and “bad” credit.
– Describe the implications of “good” and “bad” credit scores.
– Identify ways to build and repair their credit history.
– Recognize how to correct errors on their credit report.
– Recognize how to guard against identity theft.

Forest: Wednesday, August 15th at 4:00 PM
Classes at the Bedford Central, Big Island, Moneta, Montvale and Stewartsville libraries have been cancelled for this month.



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